About Bellingham

Did you know that Bellingham is the #1 city in the lower 48 that gets the fewest sunny days in a year? Now there’s two ways you could take that… Buy tickets for the next flight to L.A. OR you could revel in that fact and wear it as a badge of gloomy honor. I implore you: revel in the rain!

Also, don’t be afraid to use this fact as a tactic to scare away Californians who are trying to escape the heat and rising real estate - and if that doesn't work, tell them we’re a popular stop in for serial killers

About Evan


I was born and raised in Bellingham. I graduated from Squalicum High School in 2009, and then skipped town to go to college at George Fox University (Go Bruins!). After graduating and spending a little time in Pullman (Go Cougs!), I came back to town in 2014. It was hard at first; it felt like I was moving into the past. However, this town quickly revealed that it had as much to offer me as an adult as it did when I was a kid. Suddenly Bellingham started to look like my future, not just my past. 

My first couple of Bellingham Sticker designs were kind of a happy accident but I felt like they were a simple way to celebrate this wonderful town that I have called home for all these years. I hope you join in the celebration and that these designs help you express your love for this town and the greater pacific northwest.